Panda Runner

All of our members are finaciancial related majors and beginners in computer science. We hope to use technology to improve public's awareness of saving. Since we all have minimal experience in coding, we started purely from interest, based on which we assigned each person different tasks. Everyone picked the features she would like to dig in. After this 36 hours, html, css, and javascript jumped beyond keywords in Google search, ut.

We brainstromed to find the purpose of our project. After deciding the final outcome to be a bookkeeping website, we sketched out the layout of our website, listed the features we would like to include and assigned them to memebers.

One big challenge we encountered is how and where to store users' data. To solve the problem, we attended workshops, learning about cloud database. We also sought help from mentors. In the end, we solved the problem with firebase. Another chanllenge is how to make the panda run and create the popup effect of windows. Thanks to mentors, the problems were solved. Too overwhelmed as beginners, we had confusion in front of tutorial videos, dizziness in workshops, and silence in group discussion meetings. But we did not give up. The biggest challenge we faced is on mental level. It is to find the courage to step out of comfort zones and immerse ourselves into totally new areas.

A life-changing online bookkeeping app

  • Categorize your expenses
  • Add, Update, Delete expense items
  • Google Login interface

Run App

$ http-server

Open localhost:8080 in browser
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