It's always annoying when your favorite TV show starts and you don't know what channel the show is on. It's also annoying when you just want to sit down and watch TV but don't have any idea what to watch. Dont fret! Panda Shows is here. This app solves both problems by giving you a dead simple interface to use. Simply click on the panda to find a new trending show on social media at the moment. The trending shows are found thanks to the Peel API. Once a show is found, it will show a picture, a description, and 2 share features: tweeting and texting the peel link. The texting was utilized using the Twilio API, and the cool thing is that once you have the peel link on your phone, you can launch the Peel app and change your TV to the correct channel immediately. Finally, this app was all hosted on Digital Ocean and was built with AngularJS and Node.JS. The site is located at: and the code is located at :

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