Originally, we were invited by a friend who, unfortunately, could not make it to this Hackathon. We did not know what we would be creating until we were on our way to NYIT. Consequently, we -- and our friends -- held an intense brainstorming session on our trip to NYIT. We decided to create a site originally intended to raise awareness about wildfires (caused by climate change), but we decided to expand the topic to civil unrest since our teammate Jackie was a member of the Model United Nations club. Thus, we built an informative website with the intention to shed light on political unrest and climate change issues around the world.

We built our site using HTML and CSS (since that was what my team was most comfortable with) and we utilized what we learned in various coding programs. Our site includes current events that are currently ongoing (such as the Californian wildfires) and it will be updated accordingly to live events around the globe. A challenge we faced was the coding of our navigation bar, which, unfortunately, kept bailing out on us. This navigation bar was very frustrating as we kept running into multiple issues as we fixed one bug after another. Another challenge we faced was the fact that we had very little time to complete assignment as we arrived at 6 PM on Saturday due to prior commitments. Fortunately, we worked diligently through the night and completed most of the features we wanted -- which we are very proud of.

One thing we learned is to not rely on bootstrap as that was the root cause of our navigation bar bugs. In addition, when combining multiple sets of bootstrap code, it would exponentially raise the difficulty of debugging our website. For example, our team had difficulty in identifying when a

tag would be unnecessary (my teammates are beginner level coders).

Our next steps for Panda-monium are: a major overhaul in the design of our website, including the incorporation of a interactive map showing more details and the exact location of the ongoing events. We also wish to include more unique and advanced animations for the purpose of making visitors enjoy the overall experience of our website which would hopefully encourage their participation in relief efforts as well as raising awareness of the aforementioned issues to a larger population.

What's next for Panda-monium

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