Our project was a journey through different concepts that evolved through analytical contemplation, input from others, and technical guidance. Our inspiration for this last idea was the desire for a way to find useful code snippets without having to scan through answers and explanations.

What it does

Users can search in the landing page for a question they have about programming, whether it be a problem or a general inquiry about optimal programming practices. Our website will then query stack overflow and retrieve answers to the question inputted, then it will display the most meaningful and useful parts of the answers.

How we built it

We used create-react-app in order to build a webpage. Using reactjs and jsx, we constructed an all purpose landing page. Then we incorporated back-end elements that retrieved data in react components, which we added to the landing page once a user searched a question. Finally, we set up an expressjs server that helped us send requests to the stack-overflow api.

Challenges we ran into

By and far, our largest challenge was transferring data from asynchronous methods to the front end displays. We encountered many errors, including some of our code not being recognized by the browser. We had to adapt and reformat our code and front-end in order to successfully display relevant data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing a sleek and aesthetically pleasing interface, working with the stack-overflow api, setting up an expressjs server, and working well as a team.

What we learned

We learned how to use technologies such as reactjs, expressjs, and algolia. We also gained many programming skills such as asynchronous functions and how to put together a coherent web application.

What's next for pancakes

We would like to perfect the functions that retrieve snippets of code from stack-overflow. We may also like to introduce our website to other programmers and see how they like it.

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