Tired of waiting to upload or download large pictures, files, documents, video clips, or live streams? Running out of cell phone battery or storage while on the go? Use the new Pocket Accelerator for Mobile (or just call her PAM for short) to boost your internet connection speed while providing extra storage and power for your smartphone in an all-in-one device that can even be controlled by your voice. By connecting PAM to your smartphone, you can instantly accelerate your mobile connection's Internet throughput typically 80% or more, while also providing up to 2TB (or about 1000 standard DVD movies) of local storage and up to 9 hours of battery time. PAM can be managed with either her integrated color, touch screen / virtual-keyboard or Alexa-based voice commands to easily view, send, backup and delete your rich media files to your personal cloud storage hosted on our VLNExpress cloud (hosted by Amazon Web Services). Whether you want to speed-up your uploads, downloads, or simply rapidly share photos, videos, or other rich media files with your friends and family, PAM and the VLNExpress cloud storage provides an easy to use "FedEx℠-like Dropbox℠" capability in a palm sized all-in-one power bank device.

How I built it

Starting with our existing AWS Marketplace offering, acceleration as a service called VLNCloud, we decided to integrate it with an Alexa Skill to be able to control remote IoT devices for rapid uploading and downloading of data. Using a combination of Lambda, SQS, and S3 Database hosted on our AWS Cloud account, we were able to create a skill to voice control a prototype IoT device called PAM from any Echo or Alexa-enabled device. We built working prototypes on Raspberry Pi 3 B with Echo and Echo Dot and our cloud-based acceleration algorithms (that use machine learning and AI to improve your internet connection).

Challenges I ran into

Creating a messaging and communication infrastructure between any Echo device and any standard Linux computing device.

Being able to handle de-duping of commands in the SQS queue flow.

The ability to authenticate, manage, and scale (to x number of devices with y number of Echos).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Full working prototype functional with any Amazon Echo devices as well as the iOS and Android Alexa app.

Demonstrated acceleration of 80% or more of uploads and downloads to and from the AWS EC2 cloud.

What I learned

Creation of full SaaS service with voice controlled command with common Alexa syntax.

Enabled conversion of voice commands to Linux programming scripts.

Auto-syncrinization of all files on smartphone with Linux-based computers and AWS Cloud storage.

What's next for PAM - Pocket Accelerator for Mobile Alexa

Adding social photo and video sharing features.

"Snapchat-like" timed self-destruct/deletion of pictures and video.

Remote control with Alexa app to any Linux computer device and AWS Cloud storage with acceleration.

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