Facebook feeds get cluttered with people's posts, and we end up scrolling past most of them.

What it does

Palyt (pronounced "palette") allows you to create a news feed by narrowing down the list of friends who will appear and what types of posts will show up. Upon connecting with your Facebook account, the app allows you to deselect any friends whose posts you're not interested in seeing. In addition to this, you can choose to not see any video, photo, or text posts, depending on your preferences.

Challenges I ran into

Facebook's security settings are pretty tight, so we couldn't gain full access to friend lists and statuses in the time allotted. Still, the basic idea is there, and expansion is more than possible. Overall inexperience was another challenge, since our teammates had limited experience in web development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The design and logo are pretty great accomplishments. The actual coding is great as well, especially for a relatively inexperienced group. Overall, we're very proud of this project.

What I learned

We learned more in this one day than weeks of classes would've taught us, whether it was expanding our knowledge of different coding languages, experience with visual design, or simply sticking through the project until it was complete.

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