We encountered a difficult problem during our personal projects at times: how can we find someone find someone with the skills we need? We thought about creating a service that allows different users connect and share skills that each user wants. An interaction like this would have a high chance of leading to a meaningful friendship. And thus, the idea of PalUp was born.

What it does

PalUp takes the skills aspect of LinkedIn, the matching feature of Tinder, and adds a CNN trained with over 30K data points in order to offer its users the best opportunities for establishing long-term connections and skills sharing with other users. Users select the skills they want to learn and the skills they have, and the neural network suggests matches that fit the user's preferences. Successful matches can message each other and plan to meet up, where they can go on to form great friendships!

How we built it

Our team worked together by delegating the difference and components and finally writing a cohesive and elegant interface. We used Vue.js, ElementUI, and inspiration from Tinder on UX design. For the backend, we used Node.js, MongoDB, Flask, Firebase, and Tensorflow on Google Compute Engine.

Challenges we ran into

Although we had both technical and social challenges along the way, we were able to chug through the journey and end up with a successful application. It was really hard to focus the last night where we burned the midnight candle and went the entire night coding, it was definitely worth it because we bonded as our team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our project was really large in scale and definitely seemed unachievable along the majority of the way. However, over the 35 hours we were so glad that working together than working alone-we kept each other motivated and were able to build something that we think is really awesome.

What we learned

We learned how to build a full stack web app integrating multiple micro services, including an AI component and Firebase authentication. Most importantly, we learned how rewarding and fun building something with friends could be. We definitely had our fair share of arguments, but we pulled through it and came out stronger.

## What's next for PalUp

We'd like to smooth out some bugs in PalUp, present the idea and MVP to a wide audience, and make the overall experience better!

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