As enthusiastic outdoorsmen, and cousins, we enjoy exploring all nature has to offer. We have encountered bear caves, steep cliffs, and turtle ponds in our many journeys. Such rare areas of nature are not always highlighted. Exploring nature does not always lead to finding rare areas and some of the most exciting areas I was made aware of was through word of mouth. We want to be able to document all these hidden fascinating areas and give others the ability to record their own to expand our knowledge of these areas.

How it works

A google sheets form is used for participants to enter in the description of their area and the exact location (latitude-longitude). This information is stored on a google sheets form where an executive will validate the possibility of entered area. After downloading a the csv file a script will parse the csv to add the location to the map. We are using a custom google maps layer that will use coordinates and a description to map the location of the entered area.

Challenges I ran into

Using the Google Maps API along with a very limited amount of time. AutoHotKeys limitations

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Hotkey language learned extensively, google chrome extension learned, website building experience expanded, android app development utilized, and the ability to work on a topic that we are all passionate about.

What I learned

Hotkeys, Google Chrome Extension, HTML

What's next for PaLT (the Path Least Taken)

More autonomous functions. More graphic design. Further development on the Android App. Planning on the long term goal of the application. More information on the locations (for example if someone has validated it's existence)

Built With

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