This application seeks to raise people’s awareness of the problem with the palm oil industry. Palm oil is a popular ingredient in food and product alike. However, the extraction methods of many palm plantations from which these oils are produced are usually unethical and unsustainable in practice. Deforestation, loss of natural habitats, and increase of greenhouse gas emissions are some of the problems attributed to the palm oil industry.

Palm Protect is a simple website that allows a user to input a UPC code or product name and responds with whether or not the food product has palm oil in it.

Our webpages are written using AngularJS. We used the USDA's NDB API to handle searching for food products and retrieving ingredient information, product names, and manufacturer names. We used regular expressions to check for the presence of palm oil in ingredient lists. Our image assets were all hand drawn using a drawing tablet.

Our first challenge was finding an API that offered ingredient lists.We went through the documentation for many different API endpoints before we found one that suited our task. Another challenge we had was our lack of experience with AngularJS, which slowed our production a great deal.

We learned a lot about AngularJS development, and about how to make and integrate custom art assets into a website over the course of the project.

We have discussed adding a feature to the website that recommends alternatives to products that are found to contain palm oil, which we feel will make it even easier for our visitors to be ethical consumers.

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