Our team knows first hand the challenge of delivering to complex compliance regulation in both the aerospace and health insurance industry. We were inspired by best practices in these industries to simplify complex information. ..

What it does

To become sustainably certified there is a barrier of over 500 regulations for farmers to fulfil: a seemingly impossible undertaking for smallholders. Our simple regulation work-through and community tools allow farmers’ cooperatives to join together and complete their sustainability accreditation. Taking the huge pile of regulations, breaking it down into bite sized manageable chunks. The impact is more sustainable certified palm oil production with a less painful barrier to entry for the little guy.

How we built it

The platform is a single page application in AngularJS with d3.js to generate the progress charts. The dashboard is a simple implementation of a kanban board allowing for farmers to move their tasks between different states. Our data is simply a json file that we built by analysing the RSPO certification guidelines. We parse it from the client to populate the visual workflow. The UI design was done using AngularMaterial..

Challenges we ran into

Being non-specialists in the palm oil industry, we were lucky to have a specialist to support us. Understanding the detail in the 47 pages of RSPO sustainable palm oil regulations was a big task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team collaboration and building a fantastic and functioning site in less than 24 hours! We brought together lots of new faces and skills to design and build elements under pressure.

What we learned

How challenging it is to become sustainability certified in palm oil production. Trello APIs.

What's next for Palm Oil Optimisation Project

Finishing the full user journey and site build. Adding content for all sections of the certification process. Implementing a full back end with a database for storage of user update/modifications of the tasks. Enabling farmers with low literacy to understand requirements by adding an audio option for most important text elements.

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