Palm Finance is a Web3 Asset Yield Accelerator, and a creative decentralized lending protocol for new assets NFTs, LP tokens, Interest-bearing tokens and basic assets.  


Nowadays there are emerging many new assets in the WEB3 world, such as NFTs, LP tokens, yield-bearing tokens, bringing a large number of new users, especially enthusiasts of NFTs. However, there are still not enough usage scenarios for these assets, users holding them but don’t know how to use them, how to earn from them. This is also a good market opportunity full of possibilities. Palm Finance is designed to resolve this problem and improve the assets efficiency.  

On Palm Finance, users can:

-Deposit assets portfolio (NFTs, LPs, yield-bearing coins) as collateral, borrow stablecoin $PUST at 0% interest -Leverage position, multiply farming yields up to 11x -Stake & earn platform rewards -Liquidity mining with Call Options


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The project goals:

-More than 100K users adopting Palm protocol -$ 1 Billion of Market Cap -$10 Million of Annual Revenue  

Team & Projects Progress:

We are a team which have passion in blockchain and believe that decentralization will bring more benefits to mankind.  

Team Members

1.Gavin, the founder, has entered the crypto area since 2017 and participated in investing in early products like TRX, NEO, EOS, IOST and HT, believing that the Defi & NFT are potential tracks full of chances, and will bring us lots of surprises in near future. 2.Ocean Responsible for management of the technical team and the formulation of technical solutions. 2018-2021 CTO Thinkiump (public chain project) blockchain public chain self-development, solving the problem of public chain expansion, has complete independent intellectual property rights and industry leading position, participating in the development of synchronized data, p2p network, encryption algorithm, virtual machine and consensus.

Project Progress:

After months of development, we’ve completed 80% of the Dapp, System is already in testing and the main functions can be used.  

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