"An old dog with new tricks": The reimagination of a traditional technology used in electronic presentation Features that set our product apart from the competition

  1. Simplicity: Elegantly designed, with the comfort and presenter in mind, we haven't just reinvented the wheel, we just reinvented tires.
  2. Power of Customization: With 5 customizable buttons, you can decide how the presentation will run.
  3. Comfort: A specially engineered strap relieves the discomfort of those pesky sweaty hand situations and puts you in control of the presentation.
  4. Battery Life: With a powerful 800 mAh battery, the F-0 can last you an entire month without charging.
  5. Palm Protect: provides the life of your coverage for mechanical breakdown and gives you 6 months of protection from accidental damage like drops, spills, and cracks.
  6. Feedback: Our comprehensive database will analyze the way you present and provide feedback and insight tailored just for you.

Most conventional hardware to use while presenting, keyboard, Myo, clickers, are lacking in some aspect. Keyboards will limit your body movements, Myo is very inaccurate, and clickers are to straight forward. Our product, F-0, has been designed with the idea of perfecting comfort and usability.

  1. Simple: F-0 has less operations that are easily programmable so that you can focus on your presentation rather then remembering the complex computer that you sometimes hold in your hands.
  2. Customizable: We want your presentation to fit you, the feel of your hardware being an extension of your body. You can program buttons so that you can give the most comfortable presentation on stage.
  3. Comfortable: The F-0 fits perfectly on your hand, with ergonomic design you can seamlessly operate your presentation at the highest level of comfort.
  4. Accurate: The micro-controller that controls the device is set on a delay so that your presentation can seem smooth without mistakes as you get a second chance to decide your actions. No more miss clicks to mess up your flow on stage.
  5. Realtime Feedback: Our device has a pager motor incorporated into the device so that you can get physical cues in your presentation that you can set before. A simple vibration can tell you when you have an important slide coming up next.
  6. Community: We hope to get a open culture with our product with everyone contributing their body language data online. This way you can help to perfect your presentation in the fastest way possible. (talk about the accelerometer and gyroscope to record your body movements and compare them to known great presenters)

In all we had the idea of you presenting your information in the easy and simple yet complex way possible. The F-0 allows you achieve a higher level of control and customizability with just 4 simple buttons.

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