• PaliPalette is newest vector graphics based drawing app. Existing mobile drawing apps are uncomfortable cause of high depth, limited functions, or narrow canvas. PaliPalette does away with all that problems. Now it makes you possible to draw things faster and easier.

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Feature of PaliPalette

  1. New Architecture
    We suggest new drawing architecture with gear. All tools for drawing are loaded onto gear. So you can use whole screen of mobile device as a canvas for drawing.

  2. Optimized for individuals
    All User Interfaces on gear are customizable. So you can add, move, or delete any UI components on gear include icons, widgets and even screens.

  3. Faster
    You don't have to go into multiple stage for using tools. We minimized depth of UI, so you would easily meet tools you want to use.

  4. Compatible
    Our app uses SVG format which is official vector graphics format of HTML5 for image.

  5. User Friendly
    We provide helps in detail. If you are in trouble on doing something, Just tap help button on gear or send a e-mail us!

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