✨Beautiful Color palettes in confluence as macro

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⚡ Idea


This is the first time I am participating in codegeist. For the idea part, I just went with "me as a user" approach. I started asking myself what type of app i should build that can be

  • Simple
  • Minimalistic
  • Works as utility
  • Increases my productivity

Actual Idea

As a front-end developer, i have to search a lot for good color palette. Design is such a trial and error process. I would end up opening multiple chrome tabs full of color palettes. When I am working with my team I become difficult and end up wasting a lot of time.

⚙️ What it does


  • Gives nice color Palette of five color with their hex color codes
  • Save the palette / get a new random one (works for single instance of macro)
  • The palette can be download from confluence
  • Works like charm
  • Paletto is open sourced - git clone here

App for Confluence

type: Macro

target audience: front-end developer ( IT developer) and designers

function : utility, productivity, design

How it works

I have a json file of 1000 color palette that you can chose from. We randomly fetch one of the palettes and display it as svg in an image tag. Save it if you like the palette.(currently save works for single instance of macro).

Challenges we ran into

I was not familiar with the Atlassian jira and confluence rest apis. I was a total noob at the terminologies used in both the products.

  • working with storage api
  • Svg stuff


  • Good UI
  • User experience is great
  • Highly utility
  • Open sourced
  • Free ( when i will release it)

What's next for Paletto

  • [ ] Give more customization options
  • [ ] User can have make their own color palettes
  • [ ] right now save options work for only one macro instance

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Since, I mostly made paletto for my own utility. I am quite satisfied with what i have build.

I would love to hear your feedbacks.

  • How can i make it better for you?

  • Do you think you would like to have this app in your organisation?

  • Maybe you would have a better perspective.

  • Just a critic !

email me at : sharma.pratik2016@gmail.com


fork it.

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