We founded AEGLE Palette after we pained through the burdens of managing preventable chronic diseases from hypertension to diabetes. The passing of a co-founder’s diabetic father and her personal struggle with hypertension inspired us to set out a journey to find non-invasive and intelligent solutions to tackle the core challenges of many chronic diseases. Our mission is to empower patients and providers with complete nutritional and lifestyle data to prevent and revert chronic diseases. We also want to afford people with freedom and fun in taking control of their health – thus Palette was born.

The 29 million diabetics in the U.S. incur an average medical expenditure of $13,700 per year, even higher people with comorbidity at senior age. Globally, the 415 million diabetics in 2015 are projected to reach 642 million by 2040: a 50% increase. Many studies unequivocally demonstrate that tight glycemic control is critical in reducing diabetic complications. Dietary behavior is the main determinant of blood glucose levels, and making sound food choices that induce normal glycemic responses is imperative. However, current practices of counting carbohydrate intake and analyzing glycemic indexes to estimate glycemic responses provide mixed results. Evidence has shown that other nutritional properties of food (e.g. fat and protein) and behavior such as exercise, sleep and stress can significantly affect postprandial glucose excursions. These findings demonstrate that diabetes care needs to consider full nutritional composition and complete lifestyle data.

Palette platform is a personal dietitian that uses dietary and lifestyle data to drive behavior changes. Palette comprises a smart placemat residing on the dining table that tracks users’ complete meal compositions. Palette Vault in the cloud integrates with activity-tracking devices and stores all lifestyle data including exercise, stress levels, etc. Intelligent algorithms are developed to help predict glycemic responses based on individual’s lifestyle data. By providing physicians with intelligent behavioral insight, Palette allows physicians to provide personalized care with a feedback loop that trains itself and iteratively enhances behavior engagement over time.

We have also received various rewards and have great strategic partners.

• Top 10 finalist in 2017 AARP Innovation @50+ Live Pitch, April 12, 2017

• Top 15 finalist in MIT Solve Chronic Disease Challenge, Mar 7, 2017 https://solvecolab.mit.edu/challenges/2016/cure-chronic-diseases

• Top 15 Finalist in 1 Million Cups Startup Competition, 2016

• Top 15 Selected for CES Showstoppers Launchit Pitch, Jan 2016

• Top 14 Selected for K-state Launch-A-Business, Summer 2015

We are honored to be part of the following accelerator programs:

• Startup Health, Health Transformer starting Jan 2017

• LaunchPad Digital Health, Ground Zero Program Cohort 1, Summer 2016

• K-State Launch-A-Business, Summer 2015

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