Although there are easy ways to pick colors in artistic apps there are not many dedicated applications. The inspiration for Palette came after seeing this gap in students studying design, and wanting to provide an organic solution.

What it does

Our app saves colors from photos taken with a smartphone's camera, or downloaded from the internet, and allows users to retrieve information such as the average color data, and the color values of particular pixels.

How we built it

Our team built Palette using Android Studio, a mobile app developing IDE which supports Java and XML.

Challenges we ran into

An interesting challenge we overcame was developing an algorithm that dynamically added colors each time the user saved a new value to their color palette. Designing the user interface to appear elegant and intuitive also proved very difficult. Currently, they biggest dilemma our team is facing is engineering a way to save photos taken within the app to the user's photo gallery.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our application's function that selects individual pixels in order for the user to save an image's full range of colors. We are also very happy with how our application's icon and interface have come together after many hours of design.

What we learned

Every member of our team learned how to utilize Android Studio and XML to design a mobile application. This the first application that any of us had created, and it has inspired us to think differently about possible real-life uses for our software.

What's next for Palette

We believe Palette has infinite room for growth. During the past thirty-six hours we have discussed implementing social network features that would allow users to share their favorite colors with one another. We could also keep track of how many users store certain colors, and then creatively visualize that data with interactive graphs and charts. We will also implement a feature in which a user's saved image or video file auto-generates a full color palette that could be used to design promotional materials relating to that file.

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