Inspiration 💡

We've all been there, you have the perfect idea for a project whether it be a design or a model but don't know what color theme to use. To think that such a trivial matter is preventing you from creating what you want, if only there was a way to test out simple colors and see what will fit your idea perfectly. Introducing Palatter!

What it does ⚙️

Palatter is a very simple website that helps you discover the perfect colors for your idea/project. It generates four random colors for you at first, but you can re-generate those colors again and again till your imagination and creativity get fired up. See a color you like, lock that color so it doesn't get lost, remember a color that goes well with another, add that color into a box. Ever get stuck or have no idea for a color scheme, keep on generating new random color sets.

How we built it 🔨

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS

Challenges we ran into 🚧

  • Making it look good on all devices
  • Relatively new to javascript, so I had to spend a lot of time looking at documentation
  • Adding animations

Accomplishments that we're proud of ✔️

  • Fully functioning website
  • Clean design
  • Does what I originally wanted when I came up with the idea

What we learned 🤔

  • The importance of managing time in a hackathon
  • How to connect HTML elements with javascript code
  • Setting up event handlers in javascript

What's next for Palatter 🔮

  • monochromatic palette (based on given color)
  • analogous palette (based on given color)
  • complementary palette (based on given color)
  • triadic palette (based on given color)
  • Better design

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