I was in a life-threatening situation, I almost did a deadly accident in Ingolstadt just because the street light was not bright hence the street was so dark, not only that but the city is consuming so much energy that could be saved since many streets are not in use but still the street lights are working most of the time with their highest load.

What it does

Our platform is a service/solution for the cities to take control of the history and be updated by everything such as dim lights notification and save so much energy just by using our technology

How I built it

We used for the prototypes Arduino UNO, LoRaWAN & angular CLI to build a web interface

Challenges I ran into

Lack of support about the new thing for us which is LoRaWAN

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a complex system with everything connected together using even the knowledge from last year and we learned new things

What I learned

We learned to program on Arduino, establishing a connection between it and LoRaWAN and our system

What's next for Paladia

We are planning to test our prototype in real-life situations and make it go through all the requirements and start implementing it in our city Ingolstadt as a first Client.

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