If you notice yourself sliding into the sinkhole of distraction for example Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp apps when you should be focusing on more important tasks, then "Paktly" is the app for you. The app allows a friend to lock your Smartphone, to surpass your uncontrolled self actions!

What's a Pakt?

Pakt is a mutual electronic agreement between two users to lock apps that could cause distraction on each others smartphones. The pakt is made for a time which is mutually decided upon by the users at the time of the formation of the pakt. A pakt can be broken, doing so however causes the breaker of the pakt to accumulate a small penalty.

How we built it

We used Android Studio for making the Android application. The application also uses a Java server that manages the pakt and also handles the transactions with the Capital One's Nessie API. We make use of the Nessie API for giving the user a small penalty when a pakt is broken.

Challenges we ran into

we ran into some issues when trying to use Capital One's Nessie API to update rewards. .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At first we were working on a tangential idea when this idea suddenly struck us. We, started working on this idea in the last 8 hours. However, we were able to reach a satisfactory level of completion. This app we feel would resonate with a lot people who wish to cope up with their distractions.

What we learned

Learning is a continual process. In this Project we learnt what it means to collaborate and meet deadlines with minimal distractions.

What's next for Paktly

We also plan to incorporate NFC phi-5 API, thereby enabling something like hifi / tap and pact. We also plan to revamp our UX with much more re-activeness. There is scope for offering lot more incentives in order to motivate our users.

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