The inspiration for this app comes from the difficulty I face when I am finding a university according to my qualification and interest to do, so I thought may be other students also feel like this and waste their valuable time for searching and get information from different resources which is so time consuming.

What it does

Right now it has 2 ways to find the best university:

1. Based on the last qualification: in which you can go through 3 simple steps which are questions and it will show some university if matched according to answers of that question.

2. By browsing all universities: it will show all universities in which you can check each one detail and degree it provides and campuses.

How I built it

I built it this app with flutter and json data of all Pakistan universities that scraped from []

Challenges I ran into

I faced so many challenges as I have the background from android development so it's hard for me to get used to into create UI and do code business logic in the same file then second dart language itself because of its new features like cascading, if else conditions in list and its top-level functions and variables because its confusing that wheater make a function top level or class level.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First thing this challenge put me in pressure and motivate me to learn and build something use full of flutter while learning it, at the same time, also i am proud of this that i come with a solution for my own and others' problems as well.

What I learned

I learned so many things and patterns while learning state management like BLOC pattern, Inherited Widget, Scop Model, json parsing and how to use material design to create a simple yet beautiful user interface.

What's next for Pakistan Universities Admission

Right now is not full implemented app to use but i have plans to add document verification and authentication system in mind to save documents on the database and send to any university when applying.

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