There’s a huge number of freelancers in Pakistan working on international platforms but due to high increment of freelancers, not all are able to fit in for the right job. Over the years, the freelancing market had evolved such that platforms focus more on reviews and ratings as the metric to measure quality. These metrics work well when the service provided by a worker is commoditized, replicable but not when the service depends hugely upon the type of skill and expertise of the freelancer. Whereas time is the most valuable asset an entrepreneur has. The goal has since then been to build a freelancing platform that enables “quality interactions” in less time between clients and freelancers

What it does is offering a platform for tech entrepreneurs, product leaders and top 1% skilled developers from companies where will provide them the “best” freelance developers and designers without spending weeks waiting for the right freelancer to apply on their job post. By answering 5 questions we will have them speaking with the right freelance talent within a week. We will grow this community by helping startups identify, hire, and work with our self-employed developers and designers

How I built it

Few months back I introduced myself to Flutter and conducted a workshop on it with industry peer to understand it better. Later on, I started to work on my idea by implementing flutter packages, for that I did The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp by using dart. Different google fonts is used for the designing while Firebase is not implemented in this yet but I’ve planned to work on this app even after the submission.

Challenges I ran into

The big challenge was the time limit to complete this application because first I had to trained myself on this technology and I had no such market experience of flutter. Secondly, I were facing a lot of issues on version controlling to integrate firebase with it and due to less time, I decided to do this task later. The last challenge I faced was the communication gap between me and the person I collaborated with for this idea who is a solution architect in amazon, America.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My biggest accomplishment is learning a lot of new things and finding new solutions to the problems I faced throughout the building of this app, by participating in this hackathon I got my hands dirty on flutter dart and also gained market level experience in it. The idea of making this app for the hackathon is itself an achievement as I mentored my team, got connected with big company individuals.

What I learned

We learned to handle pressure and deadlines and manage the task accordingly. We learned that there’s no idea that is impossible to implement in real life. The major thing we learned while working on our product is every sustainable business can only be built with a combination of experiences, time and smart work. So the learning and improving chain never ends while we face the failures and success.

What's next for Pak.Dev

As the name says itself “”, a platform to facilitate the talent in Pakistan without wasting time to get facilitated by some foreign platforms, so the next big thing for the “” is solving the problem for freelancers to reduce the amount of time they spend talking to prospective clients. We are planning an on boarding process such that we require a minimum amount of investment from freelancers till the time we get a project relevant to them and only then do we finalize the on boarding. Although we have realized that start-ups usually continue with a full-time hiring outlook while hiring remote talent so for long term, our goal is to be a one-stop solution for teams looking to hire and work with all kinds of remote talent. Retaining customers to have mostly been around easing the process and as most of the start-ups lookout for a full-time freelancer for a period of 6+ months, it will be very important for us to ensure that the engagement starts on a good note. This will help us maintain long-term relationships with our clients and build partnerships with our community. We will focus primarily on leads who match our ideal customer profile, moreover our next focus is on building a whole next level team along with sales and marketing processes that would help us sustain the future business.

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