Living with 3 roommates often results in common expenses that need to be settled up and tracked regularly. However, the privacy of our data has always been a concern for us as we do not want our daily purchases and expenses being tracked by third-party applications. This inspired us to build a decentralized expense manager named "Paise" that would help us manage, track and analyze our expenditures.

What it does

Paise keeps track of your expenses, allows you to manage them and provides insights into your daily spends. All the data is encrypted using the private key and only you have access to the data.

How I built it

Paise was built on ARWeave in the form of a dApp that gives users the control of their data.

Challenges I ran into

Creating an intuitive user interface for blockchain-enabled applications without compromising on its functionality was a challenge. Sharing data between multiple users while keeping their data private was also a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to develop a cryptography powered app for managing expenses. The idea for adding an expense with a single click is intuitive yet has not been seen in any of the existing payment platforms.

What I learned

I learned a lot about cryptography and why giving the data in the hands of the user is important.

What's next for Paise

I would like to add Split Expense feature to share expenses like food, bills, etc with friends and pay them using payment provider and cryptocurrency

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