Berkeley isn't the safest neighborhood. Nearly 4% of the population has been in or a victim of theft around this area, and all of us here have at least one friend we know of that has been confronted, threatened, and robbed. BearWalk, our campus night escort system, takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes to come to their pick up location, mainly because there is one guy catering to the entire Berkeley campus's needs. SafeWatch tackles this problem of safety with a two tiered system: a buddy-finding feature and a Pebble monitoring app.

What it does

SafeWatch uses a buddy-finding system that pairs you with a Berkeley student in the nearest location with similar destination. If you're wearing a Pebble watch, the Pebble app will track your location, and notifies friends when you're running when in danger. You can also enter SOS mode and discreetly call the police or other help by long pressing one of the buttons on your Pebble watch.

How We built it

The Pebble app is made with CloudPebble and communicates with the Android device via logging when key states are detected (started running or entering SOS mode for example). The android app handles sending out test messages, placing phone call, and also updating the database.

What's next for SafeWatch

Current ideas for the future of SafeWatch include using crime data from local enforcement agencies and machine learning to help identify areas that should be avoided. Another idea is to add support for Uber and give users the option to request an Uber if a pair can not be found.

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