When you look around, you come to realize that everyone around you is fixed on their smartphones. Technology has made things so simple that we don't connect with those around us as much as we used to. Communities are not as close, and our aim is to bring them closer by connected it's members through mutual interests and skills.

We built it as a responsive web application which changes to fit any screen; the layout was made with HTML and CSS using the bootstrap framework. The interactive elements of the design were constructed in JavaScript, with libraries such as Leaflet and Parse for the map and database connections. We have multiple tables in Back4App to accommodate all the user info require. We also programmed a skill for Alexa to operate and connect to our databases with voice command, implementing it's machine learning algorithms!

Connecting Parse to the front-end was challenging in such a short amount of time, as was creating a clean, neat design that would lure audiences.

For the short amount of time that we had, our application looks great (at least in our eyes). Although it is not 100% functional, the amount of functionality we got done was also something we are incredibly happy with.

A lot about light weight front-end development

We'll see after the competition!

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