People who ate alone describe it as lonely, awkward, shameful, unpleasant … Eating alone is often not a pleasant experience for most people. To solve the unpleasant experience of lonely eaters, and push people to have more offline communication instead of online, we wanna have an app that enables people to make new friends while enjoying food.

What it does

We can let users log in and build their own profile, and have a test of their favorite cuisine, and when they need to find a pair pal, they can get matched with a pal that hits like to the same cuisine, and meet at the restaurant together. They are allowed to make an online conversation within 5 sentences. This would make their off-line conversation more interesting.

How we built it

We used node.js as the main framework, and incorporate various api including mongodb, google-login-api, and in it. This gives us a very complete back end and front end structure. Also, mongodb makes thousands of users possible. makes real-time communication fast and easy. BootStrap library makes the website look beautiful and clean. The main language we used are javascript, html and css.

Challenges we ran into

This is most of us's first time being in hackathon. We faced the quit of members, and at last two groups combines together. It was really hard at first because we have no experience of building individual projects at all, and we have to learn from the very beginning. We self teach ourselves and face a lot of bugs along the way. It was struggling, but very rewarding, and we all learned a great lot from this process, and know better about what computer science really are.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to master mongodb usage, and also be proficient in incorporating different APIs. We also learned a lot about different web building framework, and know a great lot about back end programming. The most rewarding thing is that the project finally works pretty well, and our imagination turns into reality.

What we learned

We teach ourselves nodejs framework, and how to and incorporate various api including mongodb, google-login-api, and We also learned a very complete back end and front end structure.

What's next for PairPal

We are going to make more personal customizing choices, also have better matching calculation techniques.

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