PairHeal aims to encourage users to follow aims and goals by grouping them into groups of 2 .Users can check progress areas like physical exercise, weight control, nutrition counseling, diet , medication and much more.

What it does

A user joins the app and adds goals / habits he wants to develop and pursue it. This user is paired with another user to make sure each takes care off the other in checking the implementation of the plans and goals set by the user. User can call the other using Agora video call SDK reminding his PairHeal twin regarding the goals set. The user can also delete a goal once he feels the habit has been put in place and he can move on to better ones

The power of 2 and video combined

Minimal app use and maximum efficiency is aimed by using the power of voice imbibed in keeping track off each other and involving the power of a partner helping an individual in making efficient care

Encouraging self care

The following goals could be set , the user can also customize and add others , these are only examples
Physical exercise : Aerobic activity for 20-30 minutes 5 days a week improves cardiovascular health.
Weight loss : Can improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of complications related to obesity.
Nutrition counseling : Diet advice provided by a nutrition expert to prevent or treat disease.

What's next for PairHeal

The app is ready and released . Alarms and reminders can be set for individual goals

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