PairHeal aims to group type-2 diabetes patients to take better care by grouping them into groups of 2 in checking each other in areas of physical exercise, weight control, nutrition counseling, diet and medication.

What it does

A user joins the app by giving information about his stage of disease, medicines prescribed, location, diet advised, age and likes. This user is paired with another user not too far from him, their case history, medication, diet are shared with each other to make sure each takes care off the other in following the medication, diet and other measures needed to ensure maximum care. User receives notifications in the form of voice alarms about reminding his PairHeal twin regarding medicines, diet, exercise as and when necessary. A voice input is recorded and sent as a voice message to the PairHeal twin. The other person has the option to reply with another voice input.

The power of 2 and voice combined

Minimal app use and maximum efficiency is aimed by using the power of voice imbibed in keeping track off each other and involving the power of a partner helping an individual in making efficient care

Encouraging self care

The user is notified to remind the other of taking the following self cares crucial in suppression of the disease
Physical exercise : Aerobic activity for 20-30 minutes 5 days a week improves cardiovascular health.
Quitting smoking : Quitting smoking tobacco in any form.
Weight loss : Can improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of complications related to obesity.
Nutrition counseling : Diet advice provided by a nutrition expert to prevent or treat disease.(this info is requested when the user signs up for the application).
Diabetic diet : Diet that helps diabetics control their blood sugar (glucose) by reducing sugar and carbohydrates. For example, drinking less soda and eating less bread.
Dietary fiber :The parts of plant foods that the body can't digest. Helps to control blood sugar, soften stools, and maintain bowel health.

What's next for PairHeal

The idea has to be implemented and released as a fully functioning prototype.

Built With

  • android
  • voice-recognition
  • voice-input
  • video-call
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