Pairbud (like Air Bud the golden retriever! Except pair. Get it?) was born from the idea that finding the right pet to adopt can be challenging in multiple ways. Sure, a pet would be simpler to look for if you know what animal you want - but what if you aren't sure what type of pet would best acclimate to your lifestyle? Many people return shelter pets because they learn they can't handle them. That's where Pairbud comes into play!

What it does

(View our video demo, or the real thing!)

• Our home page describes our goals and has links to a questionnaire and shelter search • Questionnaire: Users can answer yes/no questions that would take no more than a couple of minutes of their time. Upon hitting submit, a list of pets of various species (depending on the answers to the questions) will be displayed with location information, photos, and a brief bio. • Shelter search: Users can enter a zip code OR a city/state, and the interactive map will show pins where local animal shelters, rescues, and other resources are near that area. The top results are displayed in a table underneath. • The goal here is to streamline the process of finding local animals in need of rescue that will be a great match for someone's current life situation; it's quicker, easier, user friendly, and all in one place!

How we built it

• Design/behavior of pages: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Materialize • Pet search: fetches (haha) local pets from Petfinder API. We built a scoring algorithm that determines what animals to display based on how users respond to the answers. • Shelter search: Google Maps API

Challenges I ran into

• Limits of the Petfinder API • Displaying multiple types of animals took a lot • Designing an algorithm that accurately shows the best choice for a user

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Getting pretty much everything we wanted to work, to work!

What's next for Pairbud

• Enabling user accounts so people can save pets they're interested in • Even more selective questions with the help of shelter volunteers • Greater variety of questions

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