Every year the American Lung Association releases a State of the Air report that documents the nation's air pollution levels. Houston ranks 12th in most polluted by year-round pollution and 12th most polluted city. This can prove to be a hazardous environment for over 500,000 citizens who have documented asthma. The health concerns can prove detrimental many important aspects of daily life causing adults to miss work or children to miss out on school.

What it does

PAIR uses Google Map to find the user's location and reports the current pollution levels based off the city's air quality sensors. Requests are pulled from city's air quality sensors and quantifies the air quality in either a safe, concerned, or dangerous threshold. Upon reaching a moderate or dangerous threshold, a push notification will be pushed to all subscribed users based off their subscribed area. Web app also provides pulls information about the local pollutant, advises safety measures, and expedites and encourages users to report unsafe pollutant levels to encourage action at a state level.

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