As technology evolves, we have always tried to make the most out of it. As students, we can easily see how classes are now being recorded and played back on video, how notes can be taken with a tablet and how, even starting at elementary school, kids are being educated with the use of a smart board. Paintrix is a computer vision program backed up by's software to provide an easy way of virtually writing in space!

What it does

Paintrix allows it's user to write to their screen with the swift movement of their hand. For an educator, it allows them to record their classes, highlight what they judge as important and mark it down for students to see. For an artist, it could be used to paint in space, sketch out their ideas, all without the use of any material, not even a pencil! For a student, it could be used to take notes and to do homework.

How I built it

This project is mainly built on python and' software. It creates a simple CamCorder program, records a video and with the help of Wrnch's Cloud API, analyzes the images giving it then back with all the joints and bones highlighted. With the help of these coordinates, we can manipulate them such that it converts the user's movements to a drawing, with detection's such that the user can also decide when he want's to draw and when he simply wants to move around.

Challenges I ran into

It was a challenge for us to code in Python since it was out first whole project built in this language. It was also difficult at first to simply set up our environment as's software required the use of opencv, a tool that requires specifically Python 3.7.5. Finally, it was also a challenge to link all the accepted coordinates in space as the given functions were strictly accepting tuple's as input.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that we have built a working program without using any other API's, but simply with the given tools from Wrnch.

What I learned

We have learned a much greater understanding of computer graphics and the basic uses of python as we developped this project.

What's next for PaintTrix

We would like to include more functionalities such as the option to have thicker and thinner lines by analyzing the user's hand shape. It would also be great if we could build in a preset of colors that the user can choose from.

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