Paint42 is a VR application to create and experience amazing 3D worlds with beautiful colours and materials.

Fly around and paint using the Samsung Gamepad, use your head as a new innovative input device and explore the magic worlds that you create.

Share your 3D worlds using our website.

You can paint 3D sculptures with different colours and materials and you can create mountains and even dig canyons.

While making Paint42 I found that creating 3D art and flying in it is just a super relaxing experience, especially while listening to music. The effect of creating gigantic colored sculptures is amazing.

So be free, and join this neo expressionism movement, the art is in everyone.

The challenges

  • trying to get a stable frame rate with all the created content
  • finding new VR user experiences for manipulating the painted objects, like selecting, scaling and deleting
  • create a intuitive gamepad control

Milestone 2 update

Created webplayer, added screenshot, and video. Added functionality to change sky color

Milestone 3 update

Improved the webplayer for making a video of a VR recorded session The webplayer is available at

Milestone 4 Update


I decided to only support the Gamepad as input device, it works really well. My son (8 years) prefers a gamepad as well, he likes it better than a 3D input device like Razer Hydra. It made him tired by holding his hands in the air

Core gameplay mechanics

The core gameplay is the power you get using this VR tool while having fun and it triggers creativity


  • A new way of creating art by extending your vision
  • Paint on surface or up in the air by gestures
  • Paint in the distance, size the creation
  • Paint sculpts follow surrounding material
  • Awakes the artist in you
  • Neo expressionism


  • Segment rotation (comfort mode)
  • File load and save
  • Option to share your creations

Built With

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