My inspiration has always been helping the community, more importantly those whom the community hardly focuses on. This project started with the desire to help artist of various types appraise their artworks, and to make this facility available to any user, all over the world, so I built an A.I and open sourced it you can check it here link but presenting a source code to run the A.I and a '.h5' wasn't a practical solution.

So I am glad to announce that I have integrated a better version of the A.I into a web app and a mobile app, both available for use.

What it does

The web app

  • It takes the image of an artwork appraises it and gives it a price and automatically put it out for sale or auction
  • Lets you buy artworks and provide access to other artworks of the artist
  • You automatically get a portfolio created, showing all the genre of your artwork.

The mobile app

  • Lets you appraise your artwork
  • Lets you put your artwork for sale or auction
  • Lets you buy artworks

How I built it

The A.I was built using tensorflow and keras in python, I then made a flask app to connect to the A.I, and built a web interface around it to enable users access it.

Challenges I ran into

I am very proficient with the use of Python for A.I and algorithms, HTML, CSS AND PHP and MySQL for web design, however i couldn't think of a way to successfully integrate an A.I built with python, with the PHP server side so i had to learn flask from scratch.

I ran into a lot of use limit while training my A.I on google collab.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Successfully learning how to integrate an A.I in a web app
  • Successfully learning flask
  • learning multiple ways to integrate A.I and design for speed and optimized processing
  • Creating a platform where creatives can appraise and sell their artwork
  • Integrating the A.I into a mobile app

What I learned

  • I learnt how to deploy to heroku
  • I learnt how to make a flask web app
  • Integration of several kinds on A.i on multiple platforms

What's next for Paint

  • Completing the build, I need to add a payment system and a cart system for the web app-
  • Completing the mobile app
  • Making it into an A.I and related algorithms completely controlled ecommerce system
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