Abstract This product is another way to help make many households smarter by integrating it with technology. By monitoring local weather from the internet, this product communicates wirelessly to a device controlling a window in the house. This allows for windows to be opened or closed automatically based on the user's temperature preferences. It will also allow for manual overrides to allow one window to be open or shut at a moment's notice. It also allows for windows to be shut simultaneously in case of rain, emergency, ..etc. The preferences will be entered as a parameters into the device (hopefully in a user friendly website format).

Promo Videos The first Part of our promo video is here https://youtu.be/iMmLY25WYuQ The second Part of our promo video is here https://youtu.be/Rjkue3Om-Oc

Technical Description Technology has slowly been advancing into many peoples lives in order to make life easier and save time. In this process many regular items have became "smart." The demand for such products is very high at the moment. Everyone wants the next new technology that will make their life less complicated. With this in mind we looked at the problem of temperature control in a household. Apple has started to work in this field with their new Nest technology, which controls thermostats based on consumers tendencies. This is great, however only solves half the problem. The other temperature controlling device in homes have been around for a longer period of time. Windows. With many windows in a house it is hard to change them all at once. It is also very easy to forget or not be able to close a window when an unforeseen thing happens such as rain. With this problem in mind we decided to develop Painless Windows.

Painless Windows resolves this problem by monitoring the weather with a Arduino Micro-controller and Ethernet Shield. Then using bluetooth, the micro-controller sends information to another Arduino. Based on the information received the Arduino will control a servo motor connected to the window. As temperature changes, every window in a home can as well without any manual operation. A wet household can also be avoided because as soon as rain is detected all windows are shut immediately, and will remain shut until the rain stops. Painless Windows brings technology too a simple part of the household and is beneficial to all who have windows.

The hardware used in this project consists of:

  • 2 Arduino Unos
  • 1 Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • 2 Arduino Proto Shields
  • 1 Bluetooth system(Master and Slave)
  • 1 Continuos Servo Motor All parts for the mock window setup were laser cut. These were made to demonstrate how the window would work with the Painless Window system installed.

Here is the code for the master controller which is connected to the ethernet shield. It has two functions, one for temperature, and one for forecast. If there is rain the an R is printed in the BTSerial. If not a temp character is sent based on the temp compared to other temperatures that would be set by the home owner. (Code in pictures due to difficulties with DevPost)

Here is the code for the slave controller. It is hooked up to the continuos servo. It rotates for a certain time depending on how far it is going. This code keeps track of the last character to be received by bluetooth in order to identify where the window currently is. This allows it to move from one state to the next. (Code in pictures due to difficulties with DevPost)

The Painless Windows system was a success. We were able to gather data from the internet, send the information via bluetooth, and use the information to control a window how we wanted to. If we were to have added any other systems the first would have been a manual override because maybe a home owner would want to open or close a specific window without affecting the remaining windows. We had a lot of fun making this project although at sometimes it was difficult to problem solve along the way. We are glad we were able to complete the Painless Windows System.

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