Now that I am at University my parents live alone and they have no official First Aid knowledge, but they do have a Google Home. I am constantly worried about them being in a medical emergency where they need some support and there is no one near them to provide it.

What it does

This Google Assistant app provides a way to send an emergency alert to 911 through Google Home, which is not yet available. It also provides essential first aid information by diagnosing the symptoms of the patient.

How I built it

The interaction between the user and Google Home has been built by using Actions on Google and Dialogflow. I have used RapidSOS to send an emergency alert to the nearest Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). (This is currently mocked to prevent interrupting the safety agencies). To diagnose the patient I am using InferMedi.

Challenges I ran into

Since InferMedi provides professional medical information, they have a strict system of allowing developers to use their API. They manually give access to developers and since, this hackathon was on a weekend I was unable to get access to their API. Therefore, I had to mock their API response for the demo. I am hoping that I get access to their API soon. Another challenge was to prevent making test calls to 911 through RapidSOS, therefore I have mocked their response for now. Since this is a support app I have to be very careful that it provides the right support at the right time. I think before this app can be available to the public, a lot of user testing has to be done. The flow of the app needs to be catered to the responses of people in an emergency.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This app depends heavily on the two APIs I am using and I was unsure how they would integrate with each other. After testing my app I believe that the connection between all the components of the app is smooth.

What I learned

Before starting this project I was under the impression that to build something innovative and useful it has to be built from scratch. However, after I was able to leverage the APIs I used to develop this app I have realised that an innovative product can be built on top of already existing products. This project also helped get deeper understanding of Actions on Google and the Spring framework of Java.

What's next for Pain Relief

I would like to do a lot of user testing and modify the flow of conversation of the app to provide a quicker and better relief system for the patient.

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