I call my project PAI.py, which stands for Python Artificial Intelligence and adds the .py file extension, because I thought calling an AI pie-pie would be humorous. This little personal assistant was inspired by JARVIS from Iron Man. PAI.py opens a little window that you can type questions into, and given an appropriate keyword it will answer them accordingly. Information gives you Wikipedia results, and calculate goes through wolfram alpha. In order to build this we coded in python in windows visual studio, downloaded a half-dozen APIs, and occasionally used Youtube as reference for a few components. The biggest challenge I had to deal with would have to be the fact I'm relatively new to programming and every new line of code is a learning experience. In the future I'll be adding speech to text so it will be completely hands-free, and text to speech so it can talk back to me in its usual snarky manner. I am also planning on giving it the ability to play YouTube, run programs for you on your computer, and even adjust your settings on command.

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