The word pagtuon means to study in the Filipino language of Cebuano. We wanted Pagtuon to be a place to get children from underprivileged backgrounds excited to study and continue their education. Pagtuon does this by giving them the tools necessary to not only study educational material but also raise money as contribution towards their college scholarship funds. Pagtuon grooms students from underprivileged backgrounds to become scholars by teaching them reliable study habits and giving them the chance to raise money for their college education.

It helps students fund themselves to go to college by earning points in quizzes. Once a student logs in to the website and starts taking quizzes, they earn bucks, coins and points. The bucks are transferred to real currency through donors and deposited towards the children's college funds which will be provided as their scholarship. The coins help them buy things from Amazon and similar brands which will help them in their daily lives. The points they earn while taking the quizzes provide a competitive environment, motivating the student to take more quizzes and further their concepts of academic material.

How we built it

We built it as a web-application, using HTML,CSS and Javascript, because we believe that this platform would be more easily accessible to younger children who may not have cell phones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Giving an opportunity to prevent students from dropping out of college due to financial difficulties by addressing the problem at an early age
  • Helping students gain healthy study habits in a motivating environment
  • Helping students learn in a competitive gaming mode
  • Students learn to be independent

What's next for Pagtuon

-Collaborating with banks and other sponsors in providing the scholarship funds -Getting into the social media and making students play live quiz matches to enhance the gaming factor -Adding study materials to learn from -Collaborating with various brands to promote products to sell to the students -Building a question bank for all the grades and subjects

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