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As a student, I spend a lot of time consuming content on social media, and one major trend I noticed is that the vast majority of content creators online work either independently or with a very small team. This leaves them few ways to interact with their massive communities; they are either confined to the platform they use or they struggle to figure out complicated software. I built Pagester specifically to provide agile teams with more robust methods to engage their audience.

What it does

Pagester allows people to launch powerful web apps from the convenience of their phone with zero technical experience. All it takes to use Pagester is to choose one of the many available pages and fill out one form. This will automatically generate a fully functional webpage that can be managed from the in-app dashboard, where you can browse submissions, export data, and view analytics.

Every page created with Pagester comes equipped with Facebook Pixel and Facebook Analytics. This allows influencers to design targeted advertising towards their audience as well as to learn more about their fan-base and their preferences. Furthermore, Pagester strives to greatly improve engagement across a community by providing a deeper line of communication between Influencers/Organizations, which encourages people to interact with and contribute to communities.

These solutions are much more feature rich than using a simple google form and much easier than using an enterprise grade solutions; therefore, it's perfect for digital influencers.

How I built it

I used React-Native to build the app and Express to serve the webpages

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got the opportunity to survey some potential Pagester users and the comments were overwhelmingly positive and constructive. This gave me the opportunity to iterate on the product and create something more useful for the users.

What's next for

In the future, I hope Pagester can become a type of marketplace where front end engineers publish their own designs to the Pagester platform, where they can be sold to content creators who will use the pages to create a better online experience for millions of people.

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