In the past PageProof users have relied on Zapier to push information from PageProof. My goal for August was to improve this experience and ensure that it meets our values of being Simple. Smart, Seamless, and Secure. When I found the app framework it was an obvious choice as it felt like the perfect platform to meet all of these values.

What it does

  • Integrations - As part of this project I have created 2 integrations to be included within the PageProof app, each of which are triggered using custom PageProof triggers. The first will create an item in whenever a proof is created within PageProof by a specified PageProof user. This is crucial for our users as it allows them to easily track all of the proofs related to the project they are working on. The second will update the status of a item whenever a proof progresses (or regresses) through it's workflow within PageProof. When paired with the first integration a user is able to trust to be a single source of information to track / manage the progress of their project.

  • Board View - I have created 1 board view that acts as a PageProof Overview and shows proofs that are linked to items contained within the board. From this view they can dive in to an individual proof to see more relevant metadata about it, or find the contact details of the proof owner so that they can reach out to them directly. The board view also allows a user to take a item from their board (that has attached files) and create a proof in PageProof with the relevant information.

  • Dashboard Widgets - I have also created 2 dashboard widgets within this project, each of which I consider to be a subview of the PageProof overview board view. One of these show thumbnails of all proofs included in the selected boards, with the option to adjust the size of the thumbnails to fit with the users dashboard. The other dashboard widget shows a list of the proofs included in the selected boards. I also included an option for this widget that allows the user to determine which proof information is most important for them to display, but without causing the widget to be too busy and begin to feel like a dashboard view.

How I built it

  • I chose to use PageProofs in-house runtime as it has been built with performance and security in mind, both of which are in line with what I have experienced using
  • I have used an event bus for the integrations custom triggers as it allows real time results as well as peace of mind that the data is consistent between PageProof and with the built in retry ability
  • The style guide was critical for this project as it let me give user the experience the are accustomed to

Challenges I ran into

  • React component library - On the community forum I read that their is a react component library in the pipelines to make feeling apps easier to make. This will be super helpful to allow developers to get their UX together as quickly as possible
  • More app customization - Some missing customization for apps made it harder to create an app with descriptions that still fit within accessability guidelines (such as allowing changing the text color to white)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • User Experience - One of my main goals with the PageProof app was to make it just as easy for a user to use whether they have a background using PageProof or I feel like I have accomplished this and that all users should be able to use the app without any further help
  • Performance - When testing the app I found the status of a item would update almost instantly. I'm proud of this because of it makes it feel so seamless switching between the 2 platforms.

What I learned

  • Style guides are invaluable - The style guide is my first real experience following a style guide. Without it there is no way I would have been able to create the native feeling that I believe I have.
  • Community forums are a wealth of knowledge - Throughout my time building the app I was able to find so much help on the both from other users and from staff. I also found some great upcoming features that I can wait to include within my app

What's next for the PageProof app

  • Dark mode - Due to time limitations I was unable to complete a dark mode view that I was happy with. Because of this I decided to hold off on it for my submission, but it will be a high priority once it is done right.
  • Improved item creation - I saw on the community forums that item creation similar to the GitHub integration is coming soon. When this is available I will be replacing the current integration with this, to give users more power
  • item -> PageProof proof improvements - Users will have a better experience creating a proof from a item, including native feeling dropdowns and a choice of column value on the item to use for the proof due date and owner(s).
  • Subitem support - I also saw on the community forums that support for subitems is coming soon. When this is available I will be including it in the project.
  • Getting users signed up - I can't wait to have users managing their projects in while proofing their projects in PageProof. Once we have tidied up these edges we will be giving our users the chance to install, and love, the PageProof app.


  1. Install app
  2. Sign in to PageProof - Username: | Password: 3LWkRsYpMexFTmHZmbwGqRZ6
  3. Authenticate app
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