Have you ever looked at a cool website on someone's github hosted website and gone "Wow! That's pretty awsome" and wondered where it all began? How the site went from the humble hello world on an index.html page to the masterpiece of web-craftery you see before you today. Well we did too, and we did something about it!

Simply enter a github repository and watch as the site crawls through time showing each commit of the website from the good to the bad to the funny, you get a front row seat in watching digital evolution. Our simple interface and smooth design are our strongest points providing engaging user experience.

How it works: After you submit the Github repo URL, we send that to our git handler. It clones a copy, grabs the commit history, and processes each one Using PhantomJS, we take a snapshot of each commit. The work is distributed into multiple cores to accelerate the process. When that's done, we emit metadata on the commit and then render the snapshot. Finally, we concatenate all of the rendered images into a nice GIF as a souvenir for the website :)

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