who we are

We are the team GoGoGo, which consists of 4 members, Olivia, Allan, Alex and Tenthy. Our team’s project is a books swapping website. It provides a platform for users to swap second-hand books to each other in a straightforward and easy way for free. These days, electronic technology develops rapidly. Although an increasing number of printed books are replaced by E-books, there are still some customers preferring to read printed books. Swapping books may be a better choice compared with buying a new book. This is because swapping books is an environmentally-friendly way to get a book you like and to give the idle books to people in need. It also helps to save your money. We also did research before starting this project. We found that the functionality of those traditional websites is outdated and not strong enough. They require people to search for books and communicate with other books’ owner. It wastes time and is not easy to use. We aim to help users swap books in an easy way. Thus, the main functionality of our website is swapping books.

how we built

  • MongoDB for authentication database
  • React for UI
  • Node
  • hardcoded database of books for demonstration

what it does?/how it works?

After registering a new account, a stack of cards that show the covers of the books will pop up on the home page. And more details or the owner’s review of the book will be revealed when the user flips the card.

The user could press the “like” button below the books they are interested in. The users could achieve an agreement to swap the books directly if both of them “like” each other‘s book.


Due to our limited technical skills and funds, we faced several challenges.

  • Since it’s our first time attending a hackathon, we weren’t aware of and totally underestimated the amount of knowledge and skills we have to learn ahead of the event.
  • One of our teammates couldn’t set up his PC in order to meet the pre-requirements of the tools we need. But he ended up sharing a PC with another teammate.
  • Our demo could only retrieve data locally because of our lack of experience in the backend especially when adopting a new programming language.
  • We do not have enough time to build the function for users to make a choice of a wanted book from the matched books and to select a swapping way.

accomplishment/what we built?

  • Flippable book cards with book cover and title at the front and description/ user’s review at the back.
  • Homepage where the user can swipe through the stack of book cards owned by others. However, the “like” function hasn't been built yet. We toggled the like button of one of the books for demonstration.
  • MyBooks page where the user can browse all the books owned by him/her.
  • MyMatches page where books matched and their owner are demonstrated (prototype only)
  • Authentication (signup/ signin/ signout)

what we learned

We learned how to build a prototype web app. Although the product didn’t turn out as we expected, we still learned new technologies in a record time. Our teammates working on the backend learned to adapt using a new language. And the ones working on the frontend learned to put (little) knowledge in React.js into practice.

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