Imagine you're a dentist. You need a new practice website or you need to revamp the embarrassing one your nephew made for you in 1997. Page Penguin lets dentists and doctors make their site in minutes. No programming required. Just choose your design, answer a few quick questions, click the green button and your site magically appears.

All sites are responsive so they are readable and look great on your lap top or your iPhone. You can change the look of your site at anytime--design, fonts and colors can be changed. The sites include mobile features like Google Maps and one-click calling. And they integrate with social media.

Editing your site is easy using our super simple system--a very GUI-based CMS. No foreign Word Press-like "out-of-environment" editing. Instead it's very WYSIWYG letting you edit your site on the site itself. Want to change your phone number? Click on the number and change it in place. Review and click publish. Done.

Attach your site to your own web address, add Google Analytics and SEO tools all in a few quick clicks. We've done all the thinking and complicated programming for you. You won't need to ever speak to a designer or a developer again. Instead you're in control. You get instant gratification making your marketing efforts timely and much more effective. The system is designed to be seamless and fun to use. And it all rests on our guiding principle--simple is smart.

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