We use Confluence for a lot of things. Requirements, Design Specs, User Guide, etc. However, it takes some effort to find a design specs for a particular requirements. JIRA does that very well with issue linking. Although Confluence has labels, but it can only be used to identify its page type, but not the linkages between the associated pages

What it does

The Page Linker plugin tries to incorporate the linking features of JIRA into Confluence. By doing so, it is possible to link the Design Specs for v1.0.0 to the Requirements Specs for v.1.0.0.

  • admin can define types of page links
  • end users can create and delete links between pages

There are 2 Confluence macros included in this beta release

  • Pagelink List Macro - display all the pages linked to the current page filtered by page type and link type
  • Mentioned Pages Table Report - display all the pages that has "mentioned" (included a link) the page on the first column. This is useful for people who want to identified the labeled pages and then add the "pagelink"

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I like the design which adding the link will also define the type of the page. There is a lot of thought process in designing the UX for the user to specify the link, so that it is intuitive and user friendly.

I will be proud of if people will tell me my idea is useful and give me feedback to improve on it

What's next for Page Linkers for Confluence

There is still a lot of work to be done. One feature that is not completed is to have the option of displaying a button when the pagelink list result is empty. That will allow users to create a new page with a preconfigured template as well as to establish the page links between the 2 pages.

This beta release is free to determine whether there is interest as well to gather feedback. We hope to enhance the plugin and provide commercial support for it.

Will appreciate all feedback and likes. If you think this plugin is useful, please give this a "like". We are also looking for beta users. Please sign up at our Servicedesk. All beta users will get a free license.

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