Idea goes from observing how managers tries to combine different source of the information into one page. They want to keep an eye on everything desirable having one page for that. For example current status of the product documentation. That's why on demonstration video I've focused on data aggregation. However, Page Information macro could embed information about current page to itself which should be useful on page exporting, printing or sharing via email.

What it does

Page Information macro adds a macro to Confluence. This macro could embed the following information into the page:

  • ID
  • Version
  • Tiny URL
  • Labels
  • Author
  • Created On
  • Last Changed By
  • Last Changed On Of the current or any other page from the instance.

How I built it

Simply and fast. Forge platform with sdk and good documentation gives an ability to do it. Development iteration (change, build, deploy, check) takes ~30 seconds which is pleasant experience.

Challenges I ran into

The key to the Great Plugin is a great idea behind it. It turned out that with all limitations of the Forge find even good idea was hard. Second thing, that I'm Java developer and working with React was something new to me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did it!

No, really.

Get into, do the job, FINALIZE it (stop to polishing) and submit.

To be done with all these things is kind of a good personal accomplishment.

What I learned

That conception with strict limitation of UI elements (Forge UI on React) could be a good architectural decision for the ecosystem.

Another new thing that I've learned, is how to run JS asynchronous HTTP calls in the loop :)

What's next for Page Information macro

It has some potential as a product, so might be released to the marketplace. It would be great to publish it as a Forge app. However, seems that Forge has unpredictable date of the final release. Maybe, I'll recreate it on Atlassian Connect soon.

Regarding additional functionality, Page Information macro has a lot of things to be added: More options, Space information, System information and other stuff...

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