Users who receive a lot of notifications might overlook some of them. These may include important updates to a page that they care about. By adding a centralised notification for all updates that happened to page on the page itself, user will be able to quickly view changes that occur to a page that they might be unaware of.

What it does

Page Activities shows all page updates and new comments that occured since user last viewed the page. This way, user will be able to view all updates to the page in one place and glance through changes that might need their attention.

How I built it

Built using Atlassian Forge framework which enables me to get the app up and running in a breeze.

Challenges I ran into

  • Forge UI does not allow custom styles or components and limits what can be displayed in the UI. I resorted to redirecting user to an existing version changes or search page instead of displaying them inline because of this limitation.
  • Unable to use useContentProperty hook because localId is not available in the functions.

What's next for Page Activities

Track other activities besides page updates and comments, e.g. mentions.

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