Inspiration - Recent statistical data has shown that up to 23% of women and 13% of men have experienced sexual assault on college campuses. Many times these incidents occur when the victim is alone, or helpless. The team sought out to fix this problem by providing users with a way to alert their friends and/or authorities if they were ever in a situation in which they felt unsafe.

What it does - The user interface of Page is really quite simple. Users in active situations can press the button, at which point a pre-designated timer goes off, which triggers customized messages to family or loved ones, and eventually notifies the police. What distinguishes Page from other safety apps is that it records audio and location data whenever the button is pressed, meaning that situations which are unfortunately not stopped can be tracked after they occur through voice recognition or closed circuit television.

How we built it - The team built Page in Android Studio from scratch. A couple of the given Layouts were used to create functionality such as the navigation drawer or baseline activities, but in general all code was drawn up, modeled, and written by team members.

Challenges we ran into - with the exception of one team member, this was everyone's first attempt at programming an Android project. It was definitely difficult to learn syntax on the fly while maintaining clean coding practices. In addition, some of us are used to working in SCRUM, which a hackathon is not especially conducive to. Nevertheless, we attempted 5 hour sprints with varying success

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are all definitely very proud of the progress that we made in learning to program Android applications. The process was slow and arduous at times, but very worthwhile.

What we learned - We learned how to communicate in the creation of a single interface application

What's next for Page - There are a couple more features that we would like to implement in the future, such as a map functionality for certified dispatchers to be able to see where situations are as well as

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