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Our inspiration comes from the fact that all of us are minority groups in some ways. Being a minority in Canada has always been a difficult part of our upbringing and educational paths. We strive to help others who've experienced what we've experienced by providing them the support and guidance we wish we had growing up!

What it does

The app lets users select their specific personal attributes like their religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and helps them meet mentors, and peers who are willing to share their experiences. They will get a guide on how to be successful in life and their educational path.

How we built it

We started with a User-Centric Design, by getting a deep understanding of our problem and the users. We ideated through numerous solutions that were beneficial but ended up with a solution that we thought was both practical given the time constraint, and impactful. We built the front end using flutter and dart language, and we are in the progress of connecting this front end to firebase Auth and firestore.

Challenges we ran into

When developing this project, we initially had a lot of difficulties trying to figure out how to collaborate. Even our first step of problem scoping resulted in several hour-long discussions on where we should go, and how we should approach things.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're most proud of creating a fully functioning and responsive chat service. This app is a first step for us to create much more robust applications and innovative programs down our career so we're happy it's on our plaque now.

What we learned

Every member of our team learned something new, whether it be git, dart, flutter, pitching, or collaboration.

What's next for Paers

We'll be taking what we learned and creating new and better ideas that may involve components of Paers!

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