Women in underdeveloped areas are forced to repeatedly use leaves, old cloths, or toilet paper, often without clean water to rinse the menstrual blood off before having to use it again. This results in many infections that may arise due to bacteria that live in the blood. They are left helpless as they are shamed for undergoing a natural process of their body because people around them don’t understand their circumstances. We hope to offer women all over the world an equal opportunity to live an affordable, comfortable, and hygienic life.

For every mile someone walks, runs, or bikes, we will donate one pad made out of 100% organically grown cotton to reduce plastic waste for the environment, and chemical damage to our skin. For every ten miles, we will send volunteers to one of the many middle schools in New York to educate students about the menstrual cycle, tips on hygienic practices, and attempt to decrease the stigma associated with women’s periods. For every fifteen miles, a dispensable station will be created and a pack of pads or tampons will be donated for use in public restrooms. As we recruit more volunteers, we will be able to expand our network and send them to places such as Africa and India, where females lack the proper education and items needed to protect themselves from infections and other unfortunate incidents.

** In the future, we hope to create an APP that tracks the amount of miles traveled in order to accurately allocate our resources from sponsors and donors for pad donations and menstruation lessons throughout the world. **

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