Alot of Password Lockers nowadays are not secure. Which is a big problem, so I wanted to fix that, considering almost 80% of people that use computers forget their passwords, so making a secure password/personal information locker is pretty useful.

What it does

It is what a password locker does, Stores Personal Info and Passwords, but this is different. Its no ordinary locker, this is really secure, so secure that I am willing to store my Social Security Number or Credit Card Information in it. You can store passwords, which can only be accessed through the id that each password is given, so if your account gets hacked, the person that hacked your account will still not be able to access your account unless they have access to the database or know the ID, and to access the database you will literally need to steal my computer.

How we built it

I used PHP and SQL for majority of the backend, I used the Google API of ReCaptcha to differentiate between a human and a bot and HTML/CSS/JS for the frontend, like usual. PHP is really fun to work with in backend.

Challenges I ran into

The hardest part was making Padlock secure, because SQL injections existed and I had to make an algorithm to be able to prevent that, which I realized later was really easy, everything was easy to find with just a simple search.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I am proud of just making this, I finally made something that can compete with some of the major companies like Google or Apple's features, and that just makes me feel....Relieved! It shows that even though those companies are huge, there is still room for improvement and even the youngest of people can do better than them 😉

What I learned

I learned alot of new things, Mainly new features in PHP, and I familiarized myself with ReCaptcha, I did not know it was an API, and when I found out it was an API, it made my life so much easier.

What's next for Padlock

You know what? I want to make this a startup, I am not even kidding, get some sponsors, hire some interns, all that other good stuff. This has alot of potential and I would love making this something the population can use.

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