We were inspired by all the cool things you can make with VR. This is our first submission at a Hackathon so we decided to make a fun game.

What it does

You have a paddle and 10 balls and must hit each one at the wall to get points.

How we built it

Blood, Sweat, Red Bull. Android studio with mobile SDK, Samsung Gear VR, Unity, Samsung Galaxy S8 Adreno 540, which has a better GFX ALU bench than the iPhone 7, is the GPU in the Samsung Edge 8. Because of the GPU, we were able to offload the processing power of calculating the player's position and orientation by using the on-board sensors such as the accelerator and gyroscope.

Challenges we ran into

Properly installing all the necessary components on everyone's computers and configuring them properly. Another challenge was getting the ball to not disappear and actually bounce off the paddle. Staying awake and committing took some willpower. Also, we have never used Unity, android studio, or a VR so it was a triple Whammy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually got a decent GUI, plus the 3D models don't fly everywhere. Our child (AKA the app) properly syncs with the paddle and the ball. We managed to stay awake this long. We didn't cry. We learned how to get past walls and google.

What we learned

Everything The Adreno 540 has a beast of a GPU and allowed us to properly create a solid frame rate for each eye on the VR.

What's next for Paddleball VR Simulator

More bounciness and leaderboards. Better interface and different games.

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