HackTheNorth Project - Match 3 Game

Authors: Ravinder, Kevin, Cody Date 1/15/2021

Challenge: Using the Ubisoft API in C++. You must choose at least ONE mechanic/theme from the following list to be included in your game:

  • One button game
  • 60 second game
  • Keep it alive!
  • 1 v 1
  • Local multiplayer
  • Everything is reversed!
    • For example, winning is for losers.
    • What else can you reverse in a game? Get creative!
  • The more you have, the worse it is!
  • Pong
    • How can you remake this classic arcade game with a twist?

Match 3 Duel Game

This is a local two player game where you can face off against your friends in a match 3 style game. The game consists of two boards with a randomized set of 6 different coloured tiles; red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and pink. Obtain as many matches as you can and once both players are ready, enter your boards and wait to see who gets the biggest score!

How to Play

The game is a simple match 3 syle game with a slight twist following the same idea as the popular Puzzles and Dragons board game. Each player starts at a ceratin position on the board with a specifc type of tile. Each player can move their tile using WASD and the arrow keys. As you move your tile you switch the tile with the adjacent tile you move in the direction of. You must keep traversing through the board and get as many of the same tiles in a row of 3 as you can. The player with the most matches and consequently the highest score, WINS!

Ubisoft API

We were able to take advantage of the Ubisoft API and easily render and produce our game sprites and display. The texture manager allowed for simple implementation of a 2D graphics environment. We were able to easily integrate our game components and entities onto a the gameenginer produced window and event. From there it was matter of implementing the board, tile, and playes entities working together.

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