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I was inspired to build this raffle smart contract to extend on Patrick Collins lottery build.

What it does

The smart contract deployed to Polygon Mumbai and Goerli creates 4 lotteries each with different entrance fees and a 2 minute duration. A user enters a draw and once the timer ends, it selects a random winner from the list of players added to the raffle.

How I built it

I used hardhat to setup the environment for solidity smart contracts development and created a next.js boilerplate (i,e create-next-app) for the front end.

Challenges I ran into

I had to set up the full-stack build with relatively short period of time. In addition, deploying to Spheron which are relatively new and currently upgrading their CDN capabilities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very proud I was able to re-iterate on the work done on a simple raffle contract.

What I learned

I have learned so much from this experience mainly interacting with contracts from the front end and deploying to various EVM networks.

I also got to know about the services offered by chainlink(Chainlink VRF & Keepers . In addition, Spheron ( the vercel version of decentralized deployment) which all combined really enables developers to buidl innovative solutions and protocols very easily and in a decentralized environment.

What's next for Raffle-mania

New features: Allocate 5% of winning pool payouts to a grand lottery that draws a winner every week. RAFFLEMANIA! Support other EVM compatible chains (i,e BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom). Add ability to create lotteries with custom pre-defined rules i,e 1vs1 invite only raffle. etc.. Add mobile responsiveness :) & Finally move it to the real deal Mainnet

Built With

  • chainlink/contracts
  • ethers
  • hardhat
  • nextjs
  • tailwind
  • web3-modal
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